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Episode 6 · 11 months ago

Episode 6 - Mark Anthony - The Hypnotist who believes everyone can change.


Mark Anthony is a Published Author, an International Stage and Clinical Hypnotist, and a Keynote Speaker. Mark has been a full time Professional Hypnotist for nearly 16 years, performing to hundreds of thousands around the world for some of the largest companies and Cruise Lines in the world. Mark also helps people get their lives back on track, helping them Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Stress Less, Motivation and much more. Mark is considered to be one of Australia’s Leading Hypnotists, and as well as performing to packed out audiences with his shows, Mark also runs a very successful Hypnosis Clinic in Bundall on the Gold Coast where people fly in from all over Australia for Hypnosis sessions with him.  

On today’s show, Mark Anthony talks about his troubled and rough upbringing in one of the poorest parts of South East London, from being, as he calls it a complete ‘Rogue’ to turning his life around completely and becoming a successful entrepreneur in his chosen field of expertise and seeing the ‘Real Riches’ that we all have around us daily. We touch on some of the work he does and why he does it, how hypnosis helped change his life, how self hypnosis can help everybody in some way, and how he became known as "Australia's Naughtiest Hypnotist". Visit The Neil Coutts Verdict on Facebook to get your free digital copy of Mark Anthony's Book "From Rogue To Riches, The Memoirs of Mark Anthony:"

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