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The Neil Coutts Show

Episode 7 · 11 months ago

Episode 7 - Dean Popplestone - The Average Man, Turning Your LIfe Around


Dean Popplestone is motivational speaker in the area of men's self-empowerment. Dean is new in the game with keynote speaking but has been working effortlessly to build his brand "The Average Man." A blue collar worker, Dean has been reponsible to make change in the corporate world, and now he wants to help men around the world make change and have a new lease on life.   

On today’s show, we talk about the hardships that men face in this day and age, where men are generally required to make sacrifices, but we talk how to overcome these obstacle, to have a renewed look on life, and how to not get burnt with day to day responsibilities. Dean also shares his experience's on how he has influenced his fellow colleagues to improve their attitude in the work place.

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